Ep. 77: Elisheva Shwartz: How to Encourage Your “outside the lines” Child and The Dyslexia Advantage

Ep. 77: Elisheva Shwartz: How to Encourage Your “outside the lines” Child and The Dyslexia Advantage

http://disegnoworks.com/portfolio/wembley-park/ Elisheva Schwartz is this week’s guest on The Mommy Project. We discuss Myths of the Dyslexia, how slow processors vs. quick processors differ in their approach to learning, and most importantly… How can we Encourage our children who may be struggling in school, or seem disinterested in learning.

http://motionledtechnology.com/c_news/cache.asp This conversation, as well as listening to Elisheva’s podcast The Dyslexia Quest, helped me piece together my own tumultuous school days. From as early as kindergarten, I came to understand I was NOT the smartest, brightest, quickest kid in class. In fact, simple directions seemed to baffle me and I struggled to keep up with my peers. Reading was a grind, mathematics felt like a hopeless abyss, and any quick memory games played in school left me wanting to throw up with nerves and embarrassment. However- I have always known that given enough time (slow processor) and space, I could learn anything. It just might not be on the school systems time table. I knew I was bright… just not in the traditional sense.

can you buy ivermectin over the counter And SO…. now in my mid- thirties and a professor of English at the university level– I found recognition in Elisheva’s research. ¬†In her own struggle with school and dyslexia- I have found the missing puzzle to my questions about how my own mind works compared to those of my peers.

If you have a “outside the lines” sorta kid, or one who resists learning, who may be struggling in the school system.. PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE!

Discussion Points:

  • Myths of Dyslexia
  • Slow processors vs Quick processors
  • How to encourage your child who may be struggling
  • How to work with your child’s teacher using different learning strategies
  • Audiobooks!
  • The Dyslexic Advantage

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