Ep. 72: How to Love My Actual Christmas: With Alex Kuykendall

Ep. 72: How to Love My Actual Christmas: With Alex Kuykendall

isochronously This book is exactly what we need to read during the holidays. Giving us a Real-Life perspective on How To Do the holidays when our family, our life , our job, our feelings… are not exactly “Christmas-ey.”

http://centralenfieldclc.org.uk/license.php Alex- mom to 4 girls!, podcaster, mentor, blogger, who recently lost a loved one- knows what it means to Love Your Actual Christmas!

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Alex Kuykendall is on The Mommy Project this week and we are discussing her book Loving My Actual Christmas , which is an experiment on being present in her actual Christmas schedule. No eliminating previous traditions, or paring down the to-do list- Alex embarks on Loving it all, maintaining¬† the Christmas Spirit by diving into God’s own Christmas Story. We discuss the paradox of grief and joy, how does sadness play a role in many people’s Christmas season, and how we must embrace the grief with the joy.

With Alex’s still recent loss of her step-father, a man whose presence was felt tremendously in the family- she talks about how she navigates her way through the Christmas parties, gift-wrapping and celebrating while walking through very fresh and intense grief.

We all know someone who is experiencing grief. During the holiday season, it is especially hard to be joyful or happy while simultaneously walking through difficult times. because the commercialism, or the well-meaning friends and family who urge us to put aside our sadness for the holidays. Or maybe it is simply our culture- which rejects and mishandles anything complicated… like grief.

This is a must listen in my opinion. Alex speaks to something many of us experience, but hide in our hearts.. place on a shelf for the post-season holidays, and ultimately robs us of embracing the fullness of Christ’s Story. The Story that brings us Hope, Joy, Love, and Peace.

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Website: Loving my Actual Life

Podcast: The Open Door Sisterhood

Books: Loving my ActualLife, and Loving my Actual Christmas 



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