Ep. 71: Cultivating a Life of Joy with Tricia Lovvorn Patterson

Ep. 71: Cultivating a Life of Joy with Tricia Lovvorn Patterson

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http://unasttropez.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://unasttropez.com/exhibitions/tupac/ Tricia Lovvorn Patterson: our delightful guest on this week’s podcast. We discuss how to cultivate a life of joy, what does living a joyful life even mean? And Practical Steps to Cultivate Joy. I am in serious need of this discussion, and this interview was a total God-Thing. Tricia was in my town this weekend speaking at a Women’s Conference, and I got to meet and interview her in person.

buy Lyrica in thailand You are going to want to listen to this conversation again and again. Share it with friends and family.

Discussion points:

  • A daily Filling of God’s Word
  • How to live a Joyful Life in practical ways
  • Why – as Believers this is important to our witness
  • Grumbling+ Complaining = Self-Pity…. This hit me Hard!
  • Isolation Breeds Self-Pity
  • How to Live the Un-Wasted life and what that looks like in a practical way.

I love Tricia’s heart for women of all ages. She understands the mom-life and how the mundane can be just that- but she chooses everyday to change her perspective. To see life through the lens of Kingdom-Living, or as I remember my pastor saying once, “if it doesn’t matter for eternity, it doesn’t matter.”

Listen, Share and Let’s Cultivate a Life of Joy.

Her Books are so good:

Cultivating a Life of Joy

The Un-Wasted Life

you can find Tricia on Instagram, Youtube, and her website.


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