Ep. 71: Cultivating a Life of Joy with Tricia Lovvorn Patterson

Ep. 71: Cultivating a Life of Joy with Tricia Lovvorn Patterson


Tricia Lovvorn Patterson: our delightful guest on this week’s podcast. We discuss how to cultivate a life of joy, what does living a joyful life even mean? And Practical Steps to Cultivate Joy. I am in serious need of this discussion, and this interview was a total God-Thing. Tricia was in my town this weekend speaking at a Women’s Conference, and I got to meet and interview her in person.

You are going to want to listen to this conversation again and again. Share it with friends and family.

Discussion points:

  • A daily Filling of God’s Word
  • How to live a Joyful Life in practical ways
  • Why – as Believers this is important to our witness
  • Grumbling+ Complaining = Self-Pity…. This hit me Hard!
  • Isolation Breeds Self-Pity
  • How to Live the Un-Wasted life and what that looks like in a practical way.

I love Tricia’s heart for women of all ages. She understands the mom-life and how the mundane can be just that- but she chooses everyday to change her perspective. To see life through the lens of Kingdom-Living, or as I remember my pastor saying once, “if it doesn’t matter for eternity, it doesn’t matter.”

Listen, Share and Let’s Cultivate a Life of Joy.

Her Books are so good:

Cultivating a Life of Joy

The Un-Wasted Life

you can find Tricia on Instagram, Youtube, and her website.


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