Ep. 70: Robin Jones Gunn- From Victim on Grace to Finding Father Christmas

Ep. 70: Robin Jones Gunn- From Victim on Grace to Finding Father Christmas

Regente Feijó  

http://thebutchersapron.co.uk/laravel/.env How can I fully describe the joy I received from speaking with Robin. Her influence over my life extends to the early 90s… when I began to go down a dark path of bad haircuts and equally bad attitudes. I was 11 years old and had only begun my love of reading, when my mother introduced me to Robin Jones Gunn’s The Christy Miller Series

I immediately fell in love.

First with Todd… and Christy. I wanted an Uncle Bob in my life and desperately needed an Aunt Marti (walking fashion disaster describes my adolescence into my late 20s… if we are being honest).  But it was more than the characters- I loved how Robin’s own fevered faith saturates every word she writes.

This episode- Robin and I discuss how she found herself an “unlikely author,” Her CS. Lewis inspired work ethic, how Grace has infiltrated every part of her life— and of course her Books.

From children’s books to relentless teenage critics to SisterChicks and Hallmark Movies inspired by her book

Victim of Grace.

Mrs. Rosey Posey and the Fine China Plate- I love this book. Excellent for conversations with littles- about what it means “to be set apart.”

There is so much to Robin’s story- as a college kid- she and others snuck behind the iron curtain to hand out bibles! She has traveled all over to speak and inevitably talks to women who first fell in live with Jesus by reading The Christy Miller Series.

Robin Truly lives the Psalm 78:6 life!!

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There is so much Love! Listen And Know You are God’s Peculiar Treasure.


I love this Picture– A picture of what I imagine Christy and Todd on the beach to look like:

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