Ep. 67: Feeling Weird, Dull, Uninspired? Realign Yourself with Joy: Just Kimberley

Ep. 67: Feeling Weird, Dull, Uninspired? Realign Yourself with Joy: Just Kimberley

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http://lethbridgebraindynamics.com/wp-config.php_orig This episode is part recap of Ep. 66 with Libby Gifford and part confessional. I resonated with all the topics discussed in last week’s episode, that I wanted to give you my perspective on some of the topics discussed such as:

  • finding significance in the Wrong Things
  • misplaced priorities. What I think about the most, obsess over the most- mirrors my true priorities. Which is scary sad!
  • Re-Aligning myself with Joy- breaking free from the comfortable, but miserable to reestablish joy in life
  • Motivated by Fun by creating space for the Soul to Breathe
  • Classic Films and Good Books and Music

Motivated by Fun: What does that mean? What is White Space? And How can I get some??

How does one create breathing room in the Holiday Season? Where even the smallest amounts of commitment can seem overwhelming to a packed out schedule? I cannot give you a 10 step plan.. but here is what I can do:

  1. Definition: White Space/ Margin for Me- is anything that gives me life, refreshes my soul, or brings a lightness to my mind, body and spirit.
  2. What this looks like (for Me): Walks and Hikes outdoors. If I have company- even better. but otherwise- no music, no earbuds, only the sound of my breathing and nature’s music
  3. Spending one-on one time with my kids. Un-rushed, on fussing allowed. With E- it usually involves making things, or playing beauty shop.  For my boys- it is literally pushing a truck back and forth and me giving them lots of affection.
  4. Saying no to things that are actually really awesome, but may not be the Most beneficial to my soul at the time.
  5. Prayer, Psalm 91. Sit still.


  1. My Epic fail as Mom- Maverick’s birthday party- Hard Conversation with my husband about my priorities.
  2. My struggle with productivity and Significance and the misplacement of what truly matters.


Movie Classics  (Awesome for the Holidays)

  • The Shop Around the Corner (1945) with Jimmy Stewart
  • Christmas in Connecticut (1945) with Barbara Stanywek
  • Little Women (Winona Ryder version) but the Elizabeth Taylor version is good too!



  • thanks to Libby- I found a new band to love
  • —-> The Lone Bellow (Spotify)


  • The Atonement Child by Francine Rivers. (This is an oldie but a goodie… and if you have read it before- it is worth a re-read!!)
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