Ep. 66: Libby Gifford – When Life’s Stale, Go Adventuring!

Ep. 66: Libby Gifford – When Life’s Stale, Go Adventuring!

http://instantscenery.co.uk/2020/05/19/farewell-swallows/ In this Episode- I chat with one of the coolest ladies I know. And before I do my best to introduce Libby Gifford to you- I should say her taste is spot on! From: Classic movies to traveling the world, Libby is one-of a kind. You will want to listen to all the subtle recommends in this episode.

buy generic Pregabalin online Here are a few subjects we discuss:

  • Children’s Books that helped uncover a new way of seeing a World of possibilities.
  • Why grandparents are so cool.
  • And How the Creative life began at an early age through stories, illustrations and hours of doodling.
  • Where to find inspiration when the world feels stale.



If you don’t know who Libby Gifford is- then go right now to her Instagram account and follow her! @libgif

She is a graphic designer, native Arkansas-ian.. (is that a word?), adventurer in heart and soul- old soul who loves old things made new. She is urber talented in illustrations, lettering, and setting up the most bada** Backdrops and Set Designs you have seen. She can talk art to the non-artist (me) and deep dive into vintage children’s books with the best book-geek. Her humor is spot on, and I am a better person for knowing Libby Gifford!

Seriously! What are you waiting for? Go check out her hilarious Instagram stories of living the Auntie Life while in pursuit of the lost beauty, the forgotten soul, the discarded.


A self-proclaimed doodle queen who sees potential in the junk- This episode covers a multitude of topics, but the heart is this- the creative life is worth living. However, it takes risks, it takes going off the grid- off the plan. It takes slowing down and Not getting caught up in the product. As cliche as this sounds, we should enjoy the process, and quit worrying about the outcome.  The creative life and the mom-life are so similar! Our identity can be wrapped up in the creation (or our children), and when the creation, the art- the product is finished or does not go as planned, we question ourselves. We doubt our abilities or our purpose. And so the question I have for you is: How do we keep from attaching our identity, our self-worth to something or someone… Instead of The One who created us?

Podcast to listen: Maltin on Movies

Books to Read:  Shel Silverstein The Runny Babbitt and Hiram’s red Shirt. Make Way for Ducklings.

Movies to Watch: The Philadelphia Story, –Anything with Cary Grant is a classic. Musicals. Singin in the rain and Oklahoma! or Seven Brides for Seven Brothers



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