Ep. 64: Courtney DeFeo and A House of Giggles

Ep. 64: Courtney DeFeo and A House of Giggles

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gen-casino-it How do we teach our children virtues like: Love, Gratitude, Joy, Generosity and Compassion.. AND Still make it fun/ exciting and cultivate a desire to know and love Jesus?? Listen to this week’s episode with Courtney Defeo.



Courtney DeFeo- is the friend you want in your corner. She is a blogger, writer, speaker, and creator of the ABC Scripture Cards and Light ‘Em Up. We discuss her love for fun, practical ways to incorporate virtues in the home and why surrounding yourself with Godly, Like-Minded women is crucial in this Mommy Project. Courtney’s practical tips and her stories are so relatable- I know you will enjoy hearing form her as much as I did!!!


Videos you Must check Out:

Mom Set Free (start at about 30:00 minutes in)

MomLife (one of my favorites!)

Courtney’s BlogĀ 

Courtney on InstagramĀ 

Her Book- an Awesome guide to teaching your kids to Delight in God’s Word and Know Him!

Check out Instagram- we will be doing a giveaway soon!!

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