Ep. 60- “I want Moms to know Motherhood is Not a Disability” -with Amanda Xaysuda

Ep. 60- “I want Moms to know Motherhood is Not a Disability” -with Amanda Xaysuda


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First 1 mile walk with her 3 girls after her accident.

Ep. 60 starts a mini series of interviews with women who have competed in some the toughest challenges the fitness world has to offer. Our first guest of this series- is Amanda Xaysuda- a mom of 3 girls, ages 8, 2 and 1. Amanda is competing in her first Full Ironman this weekend and we discuss training while juggle all the responsibility of being a working mom with littles.

We dispel some myths of working out while pregnant and nursing- myths that still hold women back from the top potential. We also discuss popular excuses women say and how words and comments can be used to shame women.

Adam, Amanda and Haley – make fitness a family affair!

Amanda placing first with a 3 month old.

Trail Run!

This conversation motivated me to get out of my house, grab my running shoes and push myself on the trail. To disbar the excuses that creep into my mind, and be proud of my accomplishments. All women everywhere have something they love to do, and are good at it… but place its on the back-burner when a baby comes or during pregnancy… or even in Amanda’s case – a road bike accident that leaves you dependent on others for your basic needs. However- we must shake off the setbacks, the missteps, the negative thoughts and get back out there! Show our children- show our friends that being a mom is NOT a disability, but a Motivator!

Get Back Out There! and Remember- You are a Badass!

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