Ep. 59 – This Thing Called Home – with Brooke Sailer

Ep. 59 – This Thing Called Home – with Brooke Sailer


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Brooke Sailer- (I’m Failing At) This Thing Called Home.


Brooke is One busy mom- and in that we can all relate. No matter where you are in your season of The Mommy Project– you can probably be described as busy… But with Brooke- she does not make busyness an excuse.

She does not play the blame-game, but instead challenges us to change the narrative, change our perspective on how we look at This Thing Called Home.

I will admit- I used to be a “Monica” for all you 90’s Friends- obsesses fans… That was me. When Craig and I were in our first years of marriage, he would tease me and call me Cinderella, because I cleaned as a way of staving off boredom, or frustration, or anxiety. I cooked… for one man… I would cook enough to feed a family of 12. I baked scones, and biscuits, homemade pizza and wild turkeys… for fun.

I don’t know this woman anymore. Instead of clean counters and gleaming spaces… I have sticky EVERYWHERE. Crumbs are my nemesis, toys clutter the kitchen floor, and I have come to loathe the supper hour. How did I get to this place? Was it 3 kids in 4 years? Was it all the new adventures and weird schedules? Is it because through all the sleepless nights, hormonal surges and exhausted mornings I switched out my “know-how” for a different, more defeated narrative?

This home-life is more than I can stand most days if I’m honest, But Brooke offers clear- straight to the heart, pragmatic encouragement which will motivate even the most beaten-down, fatigue-ridden mom.

She challenges the complaining sessions moms love to indulge in, with truth, ideas and “there’s a better way!” mantras.

I found that after I spoke to her- I was motivated to clean out the refrigerator, toss the haphazard junk from my thoughts and re-make my home.. remake it into a home where courage is built, safety is felt, and truth is spoken.

Home is where hearts are formed. Let’s get this home-thing right. It can be done, and done well!


Ps. Anyone want to be in an ideation group with me??

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