Ep. 56 -This is Not How Life was Supposed to Go- with Kimmie Lewis Walker

Ep. 56 -This is Not How Life was Supposed to Go- with Kimmie Lewis Walker

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repulsively Kimmie Lewis Walker is our guest this week on The Mommy Project. In this episode- I ask Kimmie to share her story of when life took a turn for the worst. At 24- Kimmie became a widow. Mom to four children- she talks about how God has met her in her darkest hours. How caring for her children was what motivated her to get out of bed and care for herself, when she would not have otherwise.

http://jkweddingevents.com/tag/hotel-wedding-lighting/ Kimmie is a beautiful soul, with a rich sense of family, community and love of beauty. She is a writer, blogger, and home decorator. You can find her lifestyle tips, encouraging words, and heart wrenching truths on her blog cottonwoodcottageblog.wordpress.com

Quotes to Quote: “When I walk through total darkness and my heart is crushed by overwhelming realities- My soul finds Rest in You!”

“When I cannot seem to find my next breath, you sweep in and become the very essence I breathe.”

“Fixing our eyes on Him won’t instantly make it all disappear, but He does give us enough strength to keep holding onto Him and Continue on. God sees YOU.” — instagram post from July 18th.

To learn more about Kimmie and her family:

Instagram: @lizzieandthelostboys

Blog: cottonwoodcottageblog.wordpress.com

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