Ep. 55 – How Cancer Made Her Mommy- TLC’s Rattled Star – Aly Taylor

Ep. 55 – How Cancer Made Her Mommy- TLC’s Rattled Star – Aly Taylor

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How Good God Is!!

http://pulsobeat.com/tag/dutch-house/ Aly Taylor- one of the most gracious women you will ever meet- joins us on the podcast today! We discuss topics ranging from high school love- Losing a parent at the tender age of 10- Cancer and Infertility to Triumph, Miracle Babies and How Adoption Rocks!!!

Poá Let’s not forget – I ask all kinds of questions about the TLC’s reality show ‘Rattled’– which Aly and her husband Josh are showcased on the show.

They have been on a whirl wind journey from the time they said “I Do.” But in the past 5 years- their life has went in unexpected directions.

my next read!

This is Such a good Book- Read this if you are struggling with fear, depression, infertility, know someone in the throws of cancer- a Mom who needs community, need a new way of eating, or need some ideas on how to care and support someone experiencing a trauma – THIS IS THE BOOK!


Mentioned in the podcast is Aly’s book How Cancer Made Me Mommy, and Josh’s New book- How My Wife’s Cancer healed me: Embracing Brokenness To Be Healed

They have been on the “Today” Show and also conduct Facebook Live recaps of each Episode.

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