Ep. 53 – How DO We Keep Our Kids Safe On Social Media? – Hannah Alfred

Ep. 53 – How DO We Keep Our Kids Safe On Social Media? – Hannah Alfred


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According To Wikipedia:   Social media fosters communication. An Internet research company, Pew Research Center, claims that “more than half of internet users (52%) use two or more of the social media sites measured (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) to communicate with their family or friends”.

Hannah and I discuss our personal strategies… We are not experts, but we have children- and understand this dynamic of our culture is NOT going anywhere. There are some parts of parenting I try to figure out as I go, but this is NOT one of them. I want strategies! I want knowledge! I want to know how each platform works, so I can be clever enough to out smart- to out do the teenagers. This is not an issue of not trusting my children. This is the responsibility of being THE WATCHMAN over my children. Being Mom is a hard job, but a needed component in each of my children’s life. If I have to be the bad guy- so be it!

Here is a List of the Most trending platforms (at the moment) for you to read over.

Social Media Print Out

Washington Post article about After School and its dangers- must read. 


Thanks to one of our Rockstar moms for sharing this post. Thanks, Tanisha!

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How do play the role as Watchman, while not Hovering?

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