SUNDAY CONFESSION 14: LaTonya Lewis… “If I could get away with not wearing bra, I so would!!!”

SUNDAY CONFESSION 14: LaTonya Lewis… “If I could get away with not wearing bra, I so would!!!”

Sunday Confession is here again- we love this series here at Lohārdaga The Mommy Project – maybe one of my most favorites of the all the series we have done on the podcast. LaTonya Lewis reveals her Sunday Confession:

buy generic Ivermectin What book is on your nightstand right now? The Bible, Humble Roots by Hannah Anderson


mirthfully What music did you like to listen to as a teenager- that maybe your parents did not approve of or know about? I listened strictly to christian music.  Prism, Truth, Keith Green was my hero, Second chapter of Acts, Ferrell & Ferrell, Leon Patillo, Sandy Patti, Evie, The Imperials and believe it or not, I enjoyed the Gaithers too!!  My folks taught me an appreciation for worship music and for Gaither style music!(or if they did.. Perhaps did not appreciate).

One “lost art” you wish would come back “in fashion” or be taught at home?

Respet for authority and those over you.  Doesn’t matter if its a referee, police officer, parents, grandparents, teachers, anyone in a figure of authority.  I think this is quickly declining in our society.


What is your top 3 pieces of advice on marriage?

  1. Every morning when your feet hit the floor, choose to love.  If we do this, everything else will fall into place!!!  My circumstances DO NOT alter whether or not I love, it is a daily decision!

Advice on having a relationship with your mother-in-law?

I despise the bad connotation this word has on our society.   From the get go, I was determined to love my mother in law, and embrace her.  We have a very sweet relationship and love one another dearly.  Again, it goes back to the love thing, it’s something we choose to do! Now, from the mother in law side, I think we need to do the step back thing and think about how what we do affects the new Son or daughter, or if it is a seasoned relationship, how is what I am doing today affecting my relationship with my son in law or daughter in law?  


Where do you find a comfortable bra? (a real concern among us women).

When I was young, I used  to buy Victoria’s secret!  Now that I am middle aged, anything without a wire is most comfy to me!!!  I’m walking now, so I’m adjusting to sports bras! If I could get away with not wearing one, I so would!!!

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