Ep. 06- Pixar’s Inside Out is the Worst and more fluff on movies, plus Kimberley gives her 5 tips on Motherism.

Ep. 06- Pixar’s Inside Out is the Worst and more fluff on movies, plus Kimberley gives her 5 tips on Motherism.

My latest projects: Why is that everything I create looks like a five year old did it? If I draw, paint, water color, get all pinterest-y and create a mobile for my kids bedroom—- 1000% of the time- it looks like my four year old did it- and I consider her a good artist in training.

Here is the latest epic- artsy fail—


It’s not that I can’t follow directions- but somewhere in my brain the colors get mixed up- the lines become blurred and I end up spending more money trying to correct the mess- than simply going out and purchasing a new canvas or tossing all in the trash.

I ended up – painting the canvas white and then- giving it to Evie to create her own “masterpiece.” I have to say I liked the outcome she arrived at!



Confession: Movies make me nervous.

Inside Out I cry serious buckets – nasty crying when I watch this show. Even the score- gets me all melancholy. Hate it.

Minions–  Jon Hamm is Herb Overkill? I was so happy to realize this! Who Knew Don Draper could be so comedic!

Secret Life of Pets– Louis CK and Jenny Slate– awesome!

Finding Dory.. too similar to Finding Nemo..

Read: How to Get More Women in the Director’s Chair NY Times article. all about Ghostbusters.

 Sh*tty Mom > The Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us. Hilarious! and a nice break from the mommy guilt- of not meeting up to the cupcake making, embroidery/ monogramed- crazy moms post FB status about how they are sad summer is over and their little cherubs have to go back to school….  yuck!

Dad is Fat – a must read for anyone. whether you have kids, want kids or you are still a kid!

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Watch: See Movie titles above. Plus- I am not sure how I feel about this- but Mozart in the Jungle has peeked my interest. Tv series on Amazon Prime.

Listen: The sound of my newborn crying…. what feels like all the time.

  • Hannah
    Posted at 09:10h, 08 October Reply

    My favorite podcast thus far! The tips are hilarious and the truth! Thank you for encouraging me to live life without getting hung-up on the fear that perfection breeds. Your podcast is helping me to enjoy the journey even more and step out and start something I’ve been thinking about for a while now!

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