SC 10: Comfortable Bras, M-I-Ls and Aprons.

SC 10: Comfortable Bras, M-I-Ls and Aprons.

prednisone for purchase Sunday Confession 10:

Pasragad Branch This is serious- all women everywhere need to know the answer to this question: where are the comfortable bras? For a self- proclaimed “booby” gal.. Cathy gives a few recommendations.

Cumberland What music did you like to listen to as a teenager? Being a teenager of the 70s- soft rock – Jackson 5, Chicago, Bread…

Advice on the M-I-L question: Love her son. Develop a relationship with her as best as you can- It will enrich your life and hers. Yall are different, from different generations- y’all wont see things the same way- you may have different values…. If you can’t develop a relationship with your mother in law, respect her need and desire to have a relationship with your husband (her son) and grandchildren.




Top 3 pieces of advice for marriage:

  • Love- Acceptance- Forgiveness
  • Watch how you speak to your husband, tone of voice, bossiness, etc. If you don’t respect him, he may be attracted to someone who does… Love and Respect ¬†book
  • Dress in something sexy….




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