Ep. 44- How to Cultivate a Relationship with your Teenage Daughter

Ep. 44- How to Cultivate a Relationship with your Teenage Daughter

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What advice would you give your 30-year old self?

It is 1987- My 30 year old self- my children were 8,6,5. I worked outside the home as a Language Arts teacher. My children went to our church school. My life was fast paced, every second counted. I would say- Dear Girl, You are trying so hard to do everything perfect, you are forgetting to concentrate on the most important thing- and that is To LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Children!

If someone is misbehaving, try giving your him/her an extra 20 minutes of your time. Take a quick walk in the woods, build something with legos together, or climb a tree, sit on a limb and talk. Not only does the extra time help the parent-child relationship connection, it also aids in the child being more responsive to disciple and helps cultivate a heart of obedience.

This method worked especially well with my (Kimberley) 13 year old self. At 13, I was an angry, rebellious child. The gift of quality time helped turn my relationship with my mom around for the better.

Passing on the Faith:

The Basics:

  • Prayer
  • Bible Time
  • Worship
  • being part of a Great Church Community
  • Serve others.

You are going to strong in one or two areas- not all- You Will Grow With Them (your children).

Having a Mentor: Who will come along side you and give wisdom when needed. Family Talk (Podcast) Family Life Today (Podcast). Which provide programs on every part of marriage, raising children, dealing with our culture…


“I hoped to pass on to my children a love for God’s Word. The Word is Life- Isaiah 55- Plant seeds- Trust God to harvest.”

Be assured that His promises are true. Whether you have seen it or not, Whether it happens in your lifetime or not.

Psalm 34, 100, 145, 23.

Small doses of Scripture– Meditate, Speak it, Discuss it, Apply it…

Practical Steps:

“We started out strong: but sometimes our Bible time ended with me (Cathy) getting angry.”

  • do it according to their age level
  • keep it short
  • always apply to real life
  • use object lessons on the spot
  • Plan ahead if an idea strikes you in the middle of the night (good for teenagers)
  • Draw a map or puzzle
  • Eat the Passover of other Feasts discussed in the Bible.
  • The Ology: Ancient Truths, Ever New. (a great resource for young children)
  • And Pray…. That is the simplest way to begin Passing on the Faith.


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