Ep.28- Joie de vivre and the Art of Exuberance.

Ep.28- Joie de vivre and the Art of Exuberance.

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This week’s discussion is centered on 1 word: Exuberance. We talk pop culture, historical legends and Children’s Lit. Asking ourselves-  What do Theodore Roosevelt, Phoebe Buffay, and AA. Milne’s Tigger  have in common? Plus More. Join the discussion- as we dive into what makes Happy People behave the way they do. How can we approach life with Vigor, High Spirits and Fearlessness when we live in a world of negativity and struggle. We also have a Top 10… ish list of Happy habits!

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Music in Ep. 28:

Happy by Pharrell Williams, Bobby McFarrin’s Don’t Worry Be Happy and The Bee Gees- You Should Be dancing.

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