Ep. 25- Christmas Time- December Resolutions.. Why Not Start Now.

Ep. 25- Christmas Time- December Resolutions.. Why Not Start Now.

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December Resolutions:

What I will do:

  • Emphasize The Christmas Story (Luke 2: 1-20) to my children- where to buy accutane online more Pregabalin mail order than the Santa Culture.
  • Get out of the Funk – and Read Children’s Lit (Little House in the Big Woods, Little Women, Winnie the Pooh). I learn so much from children and literature for them.
  • Not over spending. (no 1000 cookie bake offs, expensive decorations, buying, buying and more buying.)
  • Use what I have. (Go “shop” through my house for Christmas Decor)
  • Limit Sugar- I don’t want to end the year: bloated, moody and needing a sugar detox.
  • Watch The Christmas Story, While You Were Sleeping and Elf  as many times as I want.
  • Listen to Awesome Tunes  such as Penny and Sparrow  Christmas Album (Spotify)
  • Exercise daily- my best and healthiest coping skill with stress.
  • Get in Bed with a good Book, and a large mug of coffee, tea, or my favorite Wassail.
  • Say No to family drama, gossip and complaining.


What I won’t do:

  • Misuse my indulgences: improvably Save it for my Mom’s Sweet Potato Pie Squares with Shortbread Crust. or a Nice size slice of homemade pie…. NOT knock off candy, cookies, chips and whatever else comes.
  • Fuss Over the MESS. (I live with 1 husband, and 3 little kids… my house is never up to my tidy standards… but for this month- I will relax.)
  • Watch Too Much TV.
  • Try to Fill Up the Days with Stuff.
  • Compare my self, my house, my kids, my pocketbook, my heart, my mind to others. That’s Just dumb
  • Forget to laugh.
  • Forget to Pray.


Special Mentions in the Podcast:

Myquillin Smith – The Nester.  (The Nesting Place – home decor, awesome hacks! Love this book)

Penny and Sparrow  (Awesome Music – my favorite song is Come Thy Fount… They do an amazing- edifying rendition! )

Evie and Maverick Roberson are special guest on the show.


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