Ep. 22-Sex Trafficking and the Modern Day Abolitionist- Lindsey Nadler

Ep. 22-Sex Trafficking and the Modern Day Abolitionist- Lindsey Nadler

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Lindsey Nadler of Project 41 shares the origin story of this non-profit organization. We discuss living in a Rape Culture and the results of it. How is Trafficking defined and what does it mean to rescue, value and transform one sex trafficked victim at a time. To go after the One.






Topics discussed in this episode:

  • What does Sex Trafficking look like
  • Living in a desensitized culture results in a culture of low economics, low standards, High crime, and demise.12400807_1096243830407008_3874616311584895720_n
  • PTSD
  • How- as a community- we can help
  • How we can guard our future generations from becoming the next victim
  • What does it look like in a Rescue Mission
  • What does Value and Transform mean in Project 41 terms
  • Why women in Leadership do not have to lose their femininity to be a strong Leader.
  • Go after the One
  • A new way of looking at Esther’s story.

Quotes to Love:

“It takes an Army.” (Lindsey discussing the magnitude of the trauma care and the need for professional help for these girls.)

“We celebrate everything! From the small successes to larger ones. Everything is worth celebrating.”

“Sex Trafficking does not look like the movie Taken. It is not some warehouse somewhere- where the person is chained up to a wall.. Although, that does happen.”

Links to check out:

Project 41 (website)

KeeKee Tees 

Facebook – Project 41

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The Influence Podcast Ep.035– Fighting Sex Trafficking on the home- front…


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