The Woman Project- gender roles, and the Importance of the father’s influence. Part 1

The Woman Project- gender roles, and the Importance of the father’s influence. Part 1



Join Vanelis Rivera, Jalessa Harris and Kimberley in the discussion:   How do you perceive the world? Gender roles, our parents, and the influence modeled for us.

Theory- The Father’s role in the daughter’s life- if this relationship is close, and a source of strength: can increase self-confidence within the daughter. The relationship between the father and daughter may look different from case to case, but the theory holds true.

Each of us share little snapshots of our childhood and how we viewed our parents.

Gender Roles mixed with Cultural perspectives-

The Feedback We Received from our Parents:

The Woman’s Role: (based on our mothers).

  • The Domestic. Cleaning, ironing.
  • The Work Ethic. (be able to take care of yourself)
  • The Teacher. (moral, and ethical lessons, wisdom, and advice)
  • The Romantic.  (the poetry of life- the beauty.)
  • Nurturer. (Some times having to choose to be the “bad guy” for the sake of the child’s narrative of the parents).
  • Open-minded. Openness…
  • The Heart.

The Man’s Role: (based on our fathers).

  • The Discipline.
  • The Person You call.
  • The One to impress, or outdo, or who we are most like.
  • Strength
  • Stoic, Fire and Brimstone, and Passive.
  • Searcher- lives more outwardly. Took up a lot of mental space.
  • The Mind.

Ultimately- the roles can be mixed within individual homes, but in society roles are still defined. But culture and geography can change the way gender roles play out.

Quotes to Love:

“You get your masters and then you get your misters.” -Vanelis

“Men have the privilege to navigate whatever role they choose… the woman- not so much.” – Vanelis

“Woah… Really… Grown man.” -Vanelis

“Black Supremacy is just as bad White Supremacy.” -Vanelis

“Take care of your family and take care of yourself. Make sure you do not place yourself in a position where you are dependent on a man.” -Jalessa.

“And you (Jalessa’s dad) are Still that person. You will get up in the middle of the night, and do what you can do to help.” -Jalessa.

“You can’t walk with me with your head down. ” -Jalessa.

“It took an outside perspective for me to see how close and how present my dad was in my life.” Kimberley.

Religions mentioned in this episode:

  • 7th Day Adventist.
  • Catholicism
  • Baptist
  • Pentecost
  • Evangelical.

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