Ep. 89- “Not Feelin’ It.” and how to Push through

Ep. 89- “Not Feelin’ It.” and how to Push through


where can i buy ivermectin ivermectin This episode is born out the countless times I have said to myself, “I’m just not feeling it today.”

i need to order cytotec without a prescription I don’t want to go run today.

I don’t want to make another lunch for my kids.

I am not feeling like _______ fill in the blank. Calling your grandmother. Paying that neighbor a visit. Taking your kids to the library, or even doing the really easy jobs that tend to take six months to do due to procrastination. “Just not Feelin’ it.” can get us into a rut. So here’s how I challenge that mindset, and get myself moving.

What is your mantra or motivation to get through the mental fatigue?

How do you combat procrastination in your life?

What is One thing you have been putting off?

Tell me everything. 🙂

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