Ep. 88- Things I bought that I Love- Summer Edition

Ep. 88- Things I bought that I Love- Summer Edition

Bielsk Podlaski

buy gabapentin 100mg My Current Mood is the equivalent to a college sophomore who partied too late only to be hit with a massive geometry exam while doing a walk of shame. Haggard, dehydrated and still in yesterday’s clothes.

buy Clomiphene 100mg Having a 3 week infant really humbles a person, it puts the basic common needs (food, water, and shelter or in my case Sleep) in real perspective. So to keep myself buoyant after two hours of sleep.. yet again, I want to buy things. There is only one problem- I have no money. So when I do have money.. I am very careful what I buy and keep. (never buy from a merchant with a lousy return policy!)

For this episode- I share a few items from this summer that I LOVE!!  Read, Watch, Wear Summer Edition

What are some summer purchases you are Loving right now?

Tell me everything! I am sucker for recommendations and equally nosey about what people love to eat, drink, buy and watch- The Summer is full of awesome!

Post your favorite read, watch and wear here.

For visuals of my favorites ¬†discussed in today’s episode- go to my youtube channel and watch the episode-

Stay Strong Mamas- you Are doing Awesome!

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