Ep. 86- Finding Your Summer Tradition.

Ep. 86- Finding Your Summer Tradition.

Every Summer- I freak out…. and not in a good way.

I need routine, I need some structure, a balance in my  daily life with 3 kids  to not go into anxious-meltdown- kids are driving me crazy mode!

And Honestly – I am fed up with all the activities the Pinterest Moms say I “MUST” do to have a “successful summer with my kids.” All this talk of success, progress, go here and do that is EXHAUSTING.


On this week’s episode- I break down what Summer Tradition actually means, how we can create our own- http://peterstarkauthor.com/dutch-250x300/ Without the money, Ballālpur without the fuss and without feeling like it has to be Epic to be considered significant.


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