Ep. 85- Help! Name that baby!

Ep. 85- Help! Name that baby!


Ambur Are you having trouble finding the perfect name for your little darling? Perhaps- you can relate to the pressure of finding The One name everyone can agree upon.

More parents struggle with this than you think. I read this article about how common baby names can lead to a variety of psychological perceptions. The article offers interesting insight into the naming conundrum and can explain why some people revel in their unique name vs. those who hold their name as a loose identifier. I grew in the 80s and had a few friends who shared my first name. I found this to be a way of bonding, but never once felt like I was part of the collective Kimberleys of the world. However- nowadays there is so much pressure to make your baby’s name UNIQUE! Special! Different from all others… but not so different they will be picked on by the playground bully, or unable to be taken seriously as an adult.

Our name is our first identifier. And as a parent- we should feel a certain amount of responsibility and forethought, but has the over-thinking, over-googling- over indulgence of the Pinterest top 100 names made us paralyzed in making a decision on what to name our child? Or perhaps you are multiple kids in… have established a pattern (like the Duggars and their love for “J” names) and now want to go rogue or off “theme.” Are we allowed to do this?

I share my thoughts here on the Ep. 85. However- I want to hear from you! What is the story behind your name? What was the process or reason for naming your child or children? Religion? Ethnicity? and Family name? or Pop Culture?

Let me know your thoughts and opinions here and on Social Media.

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