Ep. 84- No. 1 Myth about Parenting Boys!

Ep. 84- No. 1 Myth about Parenting Boys!


Oudenaarde potty training in the “boy style”



Have you ever had another well-meaning person (usually a woman) who – once she finds out you are having a baby boy- they sigh! Get this happy glaze over his/her face, and then gush about how “boys are easier than girls,” or “There is online Seroquel buy Just Something about boys….”  I’m here to debunk this nonsense.

Myths about Boys:

  • Boys are easier than girls
  • Boys are less emotional than girls
  • Boys are Easier than Girls….. (did I say this already?)

On the verge of becoming a mama to Another Boy- the question that has been swirling in my head is: “how am I going to do this (being a boymom) again?!? HELP!

In this episode- I share a few stories of how my boys have schooled me in parenting like my daughter has not. How they have collectedly destroyed the furniture, had peeing wars, and have nightly races to show off their speed and big muscles. If you are a mom to a boy- you understand the charm they pull after acting like devils in the grocery store. If you ever wondered – what IS the differences between being a mama to a boy vs a girl, or perhaps you are in the same position I am in… pregnant with a boy- Welcome!

I have left out many awesome stories that encapsulate what its like to have a daughter. It is a delight and has its own way of being tricky. Also- I realize I am speaking from personal experience, and no way mean to generalize or place gender roles/ stereotypes out there.

I have included some personal photos- just to illustrate what a #boymom might see in her backyard, in the bathroom or out in public…

Folks, That’s not chocolate on his hands!!

This sums up our relationship

The Batman duo is strong and often destructive to any “bad guys” (furniture, anthropologie pillows, kitchen cabinets)

Boys are fun! Boys love their Mamas with their hugs, their alien drawings, and their affinity to wait till they are dressed in photo-ready Sunday regalia to poo in their pants! (Girls do this too btw.! )


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