Ep. 82- Then and Now… Ironman to Pregnant with #4

Ep. 82- Then and Now… Ironman to Pregnant with #4



Hey Mama!

With the anniversary of my first Ironman occurring- I couldn’t help looking back and thinking how much life has changed. I share with you my highs and lows from this past year, and how the contrast in seasons can totally wreck a person. We can often be hard on ourselves for not reacting to change in the manner or time-frame expected. We are self-critical and disregard the monumental changes that life brings. Why is it that only at milestone dates (birthdays, graduation, new years etc.) do we stop long enough to recognize how swift one season of life changes from another?

If perhaps you are like me- not really sue why you are dragging your feet, riddled with anxiety, or have random burst of energy followed by a marathon of fatigue- Might I suggest we look at our daily routines?.. How have they changed from one season to the next? How does this effect you? What are your highs and lows right now in the quotidian?

If you are experiencing a big change- your baby graduated high school, or you had a baby, got a new job, or like me you decided to change jobs, did an Ironman and then got pregnant within the same year and decided to homeschool… Then you are probably feeling a little nutty from all the changes. Welcome! This is a safe place.

Here is a glimpse of the Then vs Now – Ironman to Pregnant with #4.

My question for you is: How are you handling the changes in your life? What is the High from this past season? What are your lows?

Share with a friend over coffee or a good beer. Write in your journal during a reflective time in your day. or Better yet- share with me on social media.

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