Ep. 07: Recovery after Ironman or Any Ultra-Endurance Race- With Daniel Barnes

Ep. 07: Recovery after Ironman or Any Ultra-Endurance Race- With Daniel Barnes


buy Lyrica online canada What do I do now? This is a common question asked by many athletes after a big race. With all the hours of training and near obsession that comes with taking on a big goal- once it is over an athlete can feel lost, gloomy, and even struggle with what is termed “post-ironman depression.” This feeling can be felt after marathons, ultra-mans, 100 milers… really anything that takes on massive amounts of time, energy and mental focus.

Bālugaon Ep. 07 touches on this subject- but centers on how to allow the body to fully recover from the physical, mental and emotional demands of endurance sports.

Daniel Barnes, an ultra-endurance athlete is one who has experienced the highs and lows of endurance sports. His racing resume involves UltraMans, Ultra-Marathon trail runs, and Ironman (both half and full). He is well acquainted with what to do and what not to do when it comes to Recovery.

I asked him to come on the podcast and share with me some tales of What Not to Do. We discuss different ways the body needs to recover. And what happens when you do not give your body and soul the time it deserves.

After talking with Daniel, here is something I have discovered about recovery. (again- everyone is different… find what works for you).

  1. Spend time with friends/family and do not talk about the race, training, or how antsy you feel. Listen and be present with them.
  2. Journal- Writing out the frustration or the blessings (or both) helps put all in perspective.
  3. for a few weeks- do the thing you love. For me, I like strength training with my husband and swimming. The weights make me feel like a bada** and the swimming has a calming effect on my temperament. (I am a mom of 3 kids all  5 and younger… so pray for me)
  4. Get real Thankful! If you are able to do endurance sports at all- it means your body is healthy enough to do them, you have a support team who loves you, you are financially stable (somewhat) and you have friends who will stick by you even though you obnoxiously discuss racing strategies and nutrition plans while they could care less!!
  5. Honor your body with naps, good hydration, and restful digestion.

After a few weeks (3-5.. or so): Set another goal. One that is more thrilling or a little scary to motivate you and get back to training.

Who has ran a marathon a few days after killing it in an Ironman??

who takes a lot of naps now that Ironman training has slowed??




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