Ep. 01: Made in Grit- The Training

Ep. 01: Made in Grit- The Training

buy Pregabalin cheap Many of have asked me, “How do you train for an Ironman?” Well, turns out- there are many methods, styles, techniques and strategies people use to train for 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile run.. aka Ironman.  Made in Grit podcast is a podcast discussing workout breakdowns, highs and lows of training, and Nutrition.  In Season 1 of Made in Grit podcast, we will be concentrating on training schedules

Murfreesboro Meet the Cast:

Quinte West Adam Xaysuda.

Adam has completed at least 3 Ironman Races, as well as several marathons, off-road triathlons and road triathlons.  He is 32, father to 3 girls (ages ranging from 10-1) and married to Amanda (who guested on The Mommy Project Ep. 60 and completed her first Ironman in September 2017).  He is one of our veterans representatives in this Made in Grit podcast. Adam has a different approach to training, “pay money for pain.”

Craig Roberson.

Craig is the Host for this podcast series. Craig is 37 and father to 3 (1 girl and 2 boys ranging from 5-1 in age). Craig is primarily an off-road triathlete. His home turf is the XTERRA Series triathlons as well as a  mountain biking. He comes from a deep athletic background from playing baseball as a child, which eventually landed him signing with the Tampa Bay Rays. His degree is in Fitness and Wellness and has worked in the Fitness Industry for many years. He is currently training for mountain bike races and supporting his wife (Kimberley) in her first Ironman.

Kimberley Roberson.

Kimberley is the Host of The Mommy Project podcast. She is 35 and mom to 3. She is a working mom, podcaster, and training for her first Ironman. Kimberley is primarily an off-road triathlete and mountain biker. She has never trained on a road bike until now, nor has she ever signed up for a marathon. However, after listening to Ep. 60 on The Mommy Project, she signed up for her first Ironman. Kimberley’s style of training is “by the book.”

Jeremy Woodall:

Jeremy has completed at least 3 Ironman Races, as well as several marathons, off-road triathlons and road triathlons. He is 34 and father of two (ages ranging from 3-7 months). Jeremy served our country as an Army Ranger for multiple tours overseas. He brings a whole new meaning of endurance to the conversation. His method of training for an Ironman is “follow the plan and make it count.”

What we discuss:

Training highs and Lows

Nutrition Fails


Endurance Runs and getting Bit by a Dumb dog

Hope you enjoy this roundtable discussion of what happens during Ironman Training.

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