Ep. 79: Sarah MacKenzie: Becoming a Read Aloud Revival Family.

Ep. 79: Sarah MacKenzie: Becoming a Read Aloud Revival Family.

Dongyang I have one of my favorite podcasters on The Mommy Project- Sarah Mackenzie. She is a writer, podcaster, homeschooling mama of 6 and a fellow lover of all things children’s lit.



We discuss:

  • how stories create these amazing conversations with our kids.
  •  the book that turned us into readers and how this book reflects our literacy narratives
  • books that are on the “classic kid -lit” list – that we simply do NOT get…  
  • Awesome questions to ask your kids after you read aloud

*Some of My favorite RAR Episodes;

#42 How Children’s Lit Inspires your Parenting with Greta Eskridge and #62 Inspiring a Love of Nature Through Books

#83 Picture Books to Older Kids – This is the one that talks about the simple questions “What does this character want most and why can’t he/she have it.”

#81 Katherine Patterson Eavesdropping on the Soul

#57 The Out-of the Box Kid with Sally and Nathan Clarkson.

#51 The Golden Age of Children’s books, Carole Joy Seid

Andrew Pudewa

Keep hands Busy handout – list of ideas for the fidgets and squirms

*There are SO Many favorites, but these particular episodes have inspired me in motherhood, my professional life as a writing professor, as well as my personal deep connection to characters in these stories.

Books Discussed:




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